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Writing, Editing & Content Strategy

Words come easily to me. Let me make storytelling a little easier for you, too. I'll be your guide on a journey of several questions. Your answers will help me understand your passions and pain points ... what makes you or your customers tick, and what ticks you off. With that knowledge comes the power to share your story with the world.

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Tell me your story like you’re speaking to a friend. Don’t worry about how it sounds. It’s my job to massage and tweak it until it’s just right. The first step is just getting the words out. Tell me why you’re passionate about your organization, or what lights your soul on fire. Chances are, when we get to the heart of what makes your heart skip a beat, we’ve found the real meat. There are many ways to explain what you offer, but the best route is always the simplest, truest, most authentic version. When you truly care about what you offer, others will, too.


Maybe you already have a few thoughts together, or a rough outline. Send me what you have, and I’ll tweak it and improve it until you love it. My editing services go beyond just copy editing and proofreading for spelling and grammar. I'll help you find new ways to say what you want to say, and make it as clear as day.


Every new project requires some thought and careful planning before diving in. I'll help you develop a strategy for what to say, how to say it, in what order and where. I'll use tools like content inventories and card sorting to make sense of large quantities of information. I'll find duplicate content and content gaps. Then I'll come up with a plan for eliminating redundancies and filling in the holes with search-optimized content. I'll also help atomize content for re-use on your site, in promotional opportunities and across social media.

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The following examples are screen shots of work I've created for a range of clients, including Xerox, Red Tricycle, Conduent, Portrait of Portland Magazine and Portland Tribune, to name a few. Content contained within these samples is copyright of its respective owners. 

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“You made my bio SO much better! Thank you Halle!”

Monica Hanlin

"The press release is perfect! You, as always, do an incredible, amazing job. I am so impressed with your work, Halle!”

Isabella Ovalle
Marketing Director
Garcia de la Cruz

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Why suffer through what you don't want to do?

I can write it for you. 

Contact me today to get started.

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